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"Pricelytic" is an ambitious affiliate website project currently under development by a dynamic team of creators. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies including React, Next.js, MongoDB, and Supabase, Pricelytic aims to revolutionize the online shopping experience by providing users with curated product recommendations, insightful reviews, and exclusive deals from affiliate partners. Key Features (Planned): Advanced React Components: Pricelytic utilizes React to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for visitors. Next.js for Server-side Rendering: With Next.js, Pricelytic achieves optimal performance and SEO-friendliness through server-side rendering, enhancing accessibility and discoverability. MongoDB Database: Pricelytic relies on MongoDB to efficiently manage and store product data, user preferences, and affiliate links, ensuring robust scalability and data integrity. Supabase Integration: Supabase is integrated into Pricelytic to handle user authentication, real-time database synchronization, and data access control, enhancing security and user experience. Role and Responsibilities: As a collaborative effort between myself and my friend, our roles encompass the design, development, and implementation of Pricelytic from concept to execution. From crafting the user interface with React components to integrating backend functionalities with MongoDB and Supabase, our combined expertise drives the progress and innovation of this project. Technologies Used: React Next.js MongoDB Supabase Status: Pricelytic is currently in the development phase and is not yet released to the public. As we continue to refine and expand its features, our goal is to deliver a comprehensive affiliate website that delivers value to users while leveraging the latest technologies for optimal performance and user experience.